Sports director gone after five weeks: third division sinks into chaos

Sports director gone after five weeks

SV Meppen’s relegation from the 3rd division seems almost certain and chaos reigns off the pitch as well. Only five weeks after taking up the position of sports director in March, Thilo Leugers has already resigned from his post at the club.

In a statement, the 32-year-old stated that he was unable to implement his ideas and goals in the short time he had imagined. The news has caused a lot of commotion in the Emsländer environment, as there has been a lot of dissatisfaction around the club for months.

The team’s sporting record is disastrous, with relegation all but certain as they sit eleven points behind with only six games left to play. After six years in the 3rd division, SV Meppen will play in the Regionalliga Nord again next season.

There has been criticism from outside directed at sports director Heiner Beckmann and managing director Ronald Maul.

Despite a solid start under coach Stefan Krämer, the team’s fitness levels took a nosedive and the decision was made to let him go after a 2-3 defeat against Hallesche FC.

Ernst Middendorp, a former Maul companion, was brought in as his successor but was unable to turn things around in the past few weeks.

Leugers is a role model in Emsland:

When Leugers was recruited as sports director, it initially calmed the fans’ nerves. Despite having to end his career last summer due to injury, his contributions since moving to Meppen in 2016 have made him an absolute figurehead in Emsland.

The goal was for Leugers to establish structures by summer that would lead to the appointment of a new sports director. However, due to his professional commitments, Leugers always ruled out a long-term collaboration.


Despite Beckmann’s statement on Easter Sunday that he could see Leugers staying longer and that the matter was not yet settled, Leugers officially resigned from his position nine days later.

According to sources, Leugers actually resigned last Thursday, but the announcement was delayed until rumors began circulating in the Meppen area on Monday evening.

Reports suggest that Leugers’ ideas and personnel recommendations were repeatedly rejected by club management, leading to his frustration and eventual resignation.


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